Tree lopping is commonly used terminology for what is technically arborist work or professional tree services. Whilst in the industry in Sydney the term “tree lopping” refers to outdated methods and techniques that are no longer recommended as they damage trees and provide very little in terms of benefits to property owners. A basic summary of tree lopping would be the cutting of trees without giving any consideration to what effect the work will have, treating the trees as a piece of wood to be sculpted as opposed to a living organism that reacts when it has been wounded- The reaction of a tree to lopping in Sydney can be easily seen as the appearance is often dramatic. So therefore tree lopping by its correct meaning can cause extensive damage to trees which may possibly never be corrected, this will likely result in terrible looking and permanently damaged trees which affect property prices and may require further professional arborist services to assess damage, remediate damage if possible or worst case scenario perform complete tree removal.