Crown lifting removes some of the lower most limbs of a tree thereby “lifting” the crown. This is commonly used in Sydney to improve access and visibility to the landscape at the base of a tree. It may also be used to provide clearance for new construction including house extensions and carports.The lower most branches of a tree near the street can often be damaged by large trucks in Sydney most commonly waste collection vehicles and removalists or couriers. In these cases further damage will be difficult to avoid especially as the tree continues to grow – removing the limb nearest the roadway is the best option, to remove other lower limbs on the same tree will also improve its appearance when its shape is made symmetrical.

Often trees in Sydney are planted around the boundaries of peoples’ properties especially in the back yard- by lifting the crowns of trees in these positions property owners can reclaim some of the space that has been invaded by the lower limbs of the trees. Doing this can dramatically open up a seemingly overgrown yard and allow more light to enter. In most cases this type of work will be a simple and straight forward job delivering very noticeable results within a modest budget.

Crown lifting can also be used to simply improve the appearance of a tree, often a tree will appear more defined once the crown is lifted.